• Brand: WOODWAY
  • Product Code: WS1000
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 58.00€


  • set of bow-tie and earrings
  • 100% fruit wood
  • handcrafted
  • made in EU
  • adjustable elastic strap
  • nickel-free earrings

We are proud to introduce you our the most unique set of wooden bow-tie and earrings. Our customers voted this set #1 in the category of best gifts of the season. This set is »all you need« for the matchy and unique outfit with your partner. Perfect choice for weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations!

FRUIT WOOD: Fruit wood is another forgotten wood that is in high demand worldwide due to it scarcity. Usually the wood of fruit trees is used as fuel, because most of the wood is unsuitable for other uses. But those individual pieces which are suitable for other uses have high value and are used for luxury products, including our fashion accessories. We use wood of apple and pear tree.

CARE&CLEANING:  For your wooden accessories to stay full of energy and warmth, use organic WoodWay Wood Protection made 100% from beeswax and olive oil. Coat your fashion accesory with a thin layer of protection once or twice a month, depends on how often you are wearing it.


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