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  • Product Code: 9212.01-SW04
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  • 39.00€


  • handmade from cork
  • easy to use
  • secure
  • slim design
  • size 105 x 80 mm
  • more storage capacity (adapts to your contents)

Cork is a high quality and sustainable rescource which is made from the bark of a tree, Quercus suber, or the cork oak. We only use cork of higher quality for our products.

ABOUT MATERIAL: Cork is extremely resistant and thanks to its honeycomb structure handles friction and hits better than other materials with harder surfaces. Cork has all the qualities of leather. The only difference is that cork is a natural material and it is much lighter to carry compared to leather. It is waterproof, non-inflammable, very flexible, water resistant, durable, doesn't attract dust and is therefore very suitable for asthmatics.

MAGIC WALLET: The magic wallet, sometimes called »flip wallet« is a revolutionary woder. Opening up the Magic Wallet you see exactly what makes this wallet so different. It has the ability to open from both its right and left sides, and you notice horizontal straps over the left and right side. HOW DOES A MAGIC WALLET WORK? The way it works is you insert your notes, receipts or business cards on one side of the Magic Wallet and close it. By just flipping the wallet over and opening it your cash is magically and neatly stored.

CARE&CLEANING: Cork is very easy to clean. Simply wipe your product with a wet clot and leave it to naturally dry on air. Do not wash it in a washing machine.


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