General information

How can I contact you for any additional information and help?

For all additional information we're available on the e-mail all days of the week.

Where can I buy your products?

You can buy our products exclusively in our online-shop

How do I know my order was successfully carried out?

When you've successfully placed an order in our online store you'll receive a conformation email. If you experience any problems regarding the orders, don't hesitate to contact us at

How long will my order take to arrive?

All the orders you submit before 3p.m. will be dispatched the same day. Delivery time varies from one country to another. Time frame for deliveries is between 24 and 120 hours. For exact information about your country contact us at

Can I return the product I bought in an online store?

In accordance to the Costumer Protection Laws, in the case of a long distance contract (which any online order is a part of), a costumer has 14 days after picking up their product to notify the vendor in writing that he wants to cancel the contract without any obligations to state the reasons for their decision. If you want to cancel your order, please notify us at

In this case the costumer has to return the product(s) at their own cost, in no more than 14 days after notifying us of the cancellation. We reserve the right to return the money until after we receive the product.

The product has to be returned in its original packaging including all the papers and the warranty (if a product comes with one). In the case that the return product is damaged in any way or has any traces of use, we reserve the right not to return the money or to charge you for any damages.

Contract cancellation form

Which address should I return the product to?

Please return your product to our address: EKO SAJA d.o.o., Na trati 16, 4248 Lesce, Slovenia. We advise you to use registered mail, as we will not be held responsible for any lost packages.

What do I need to include in the package if I decide to return the product?

Each package needs to have a proper, original packaging, the product, receipt and warranty (in case your product came with one) as well as the gift we included in your package. The package needs to be properly protected.

How can I pay in your online shop?

We offer the following methods:

  • pay pal
  • Credit, debit or prepaid cards (VISA; Mastercard, Maestro, AMEX, Discover, JCB, Diners)
  • bank transfers based on invoice

Bank transfers based on invoice
After choosing bank transfer as a preferred method of payment, you'll receive a quotation/invoice to your email with all the data you will need to carry out the payment: the amount required, our bank account number, reference and the purpose of payment. You will than pay with a general deposit slip (BN 02) through any of the web-banking systems or personally at bank or post offices of your preference. After paying, you can send us the conformation of your payment to to ensure the fastest processing of your order, as all the invoices are only informative before being carried out. After we issue the quotation, you have 2 days to transfer us the money. If you do not, you order will be canceled.

Is it safe to order products online?

We guarantee you complete protection of your personal data and a safe order, protecting you from any possible abuse. We use corresponding technological and organizational programs to protect your personal data, orders and payments. As a costumer you are responsible for your operational system and protection of your usernames and passwords. When placing an order, you also guarantee that the provided data is correct and real.

How is the delivery carried out?

Our contract partners are GLS delivery service and eventually Post Slovenia. For exact information regarding the delivery and business in your country, please check GLS official website, where you can also track your order.

What if I am not at home when they deliver my package?

For exact information about delivery and business in your country please check GLS official website.

What if something goes wrong with delivery?

If you encounter any difficulties with delivery, please contact us at You will need to state the number of your parcel that you received through e-mail or a text message from GLS.

How much does the shipping cost?

Shipping costs 5 €, and is free for orders above 140,00 €.

Can the chosen product be gift-wrapped?

In case you want your product to be gift wrapped, please notify us on or enter the request in the comment section of the order. You can also purchase original WoodWay gift packages in our store.

My order is meant to be a gift. Is it possible not to include the receipt with it?

In case you want your package to be sent off without the receipt, please send us an e-mail to We will send the copy of the receipt to your e-mail.

Do your products come with a warranty?

Almost all our products come with a warranty, but their terms depend from one manufacturer to another. Warranty is valid with the receipt only. With your purchase we guarantee you to take care of your products in case of a reclamation.

1-year warranty: Kerbholz watches and glasses, WeWood glasses, Woodway glasses, Fento glasses, Proof glasses

2-year warranty: AbAeterno watches, Mistura watches, WeWood watches

Life-long warranty: Zylo glasses, BeWooden wooden accessories

Are there any cases in which my warranty does not qualify?

You may not use your warranty in the following cases:

  • Damage arising from the misuse of the product, not in accordance with manufacturer's instructions or disregarding them,
  • using the product for not intended uses,
  • any mistakes arising from the environmental influences (moisture, extreme cold or heat, over-voltage, dust, etc.), or coincidence,
  • unauthorized repair attempts,
  • any modifications of the products,
  • natural changes arising from wearing the product,
  • case or belt damage caused by the external influence,
  • water damage,
  • broken glass of the watch or lens damage (scratches or cracks),
  • frame breakage,
  • dead battery,
  • loss or theft of the product

Wooden watches

How long will my wooden watch be working without any problems?

Wood is well known for its durability, therefore wooden watches can serve you perfectly for years and years

Are wooden watches waterproof?

No, wooden watches aren't waterproof but they are »splash-proof« meaning that a watch can get wet, but it's not suitable for bathing, swimming, showering or for being exposed to any other excessive amount of water.

Do wooden watches have a warranty?

All wooden watches we sell come with a warranty, but the conditions differ from one producer to another. Warranty is valid with the receipt.

1-year warranty: Kerbholz wooden watches

2-year warranty: Ab Aeterno, Mistura, WeWood watches

How can I adapt my wooden strap?

Ab Aeterno and Kerbholz watches can easily be shortened or elongated with a tool you'll receive with your watch. For adjusting WeWood's watches, you can buy a WeWood's professional tool for adjusting the bands, which you can buy HERE. If you do not want to do it yourself any professional clockmaker will do it for you.

Are the mechanisms in the watches of high quality?

All of our watches contain high quality, recognized mechanisms.
Swiss mechanism Ronda: Ab Aeterno, Kerbholz, Mistura (Infinite by Rayanegra has the Ronda 763 mechanism with 5 gold platted mechanisms)
Japaneese Miyota mechanism: WeWood and Mistura watches

Can the battery of a wooden watch be replaced?

The batteries in our watches are easily replaceable. Every clockmaker can do it for you, or you can do it yourself, using proper tools. We do not offer this service.

What will happen to my wooden watch with time? Will the wood change color?

Wood is a natural material, so a minimal change in color is completely normal. The wood will naturally turn a bit darker in time, which is hardly even noticeable with watches made from darker types of wood. Maple wood watches do turn a bit darker.

Can sweat damage my wooden watch?

No sweat cannot affect or damage your watch or your glasses.

Can wooden watches cause allergies?

No, all of our watches are hypoallergenic, meaning they do not cause any allergies.

Are wooden watches colored?

All of our watches are made of real, 100% wood and are not colored. The differences in colors only occur because of different types of wood used.

Does my wooden watch need special protection?

Wooden watches are already protected so you do not need to use any special additional products. It is advised though that you do follow some guidelines to avoid any accidental and unwanted damages.

We do recommend you to use Woodway 2 in 1 special wood polish, made 100% of beeswax. (Buy it here)

Which wooden watches do you sell?

Woodway connects the best and most renowned designers from around the world. We sell watches by two Italian brands, WeWood and AbAeterno, watches by the German brand Kerbholz and Colombian watches by Mistura.

Wooden glasses

How long will my glasses serve me?

Wood is known for its durability; therefore, your wooden glasses can serve you for years.

Are wooden glasses easily breakable?

Our wooden glasses are made of very durable types of wood and are not easily breakable. Zylo also offers life-long warranty for their products as they are certain that with normal use, the glasses can’t break.

Can I expose my glasses to water?

Wooden glasses can get wet, although we would recommend you to not keep them in water for too long.

Do wooden glasses come with a warranty?

All wooden glasses do have a warranty, but their conditions differ from one brand to another. For your warranty to be legit, you will need your receipt.

1-year warranty: Fento, Kerbholz, Proof, WeWood, Woodway glasses

Life-long warranty: Zylo glasses

Are lenses in the glasses of great quality?

All glasses contain high-quality lenses. Kerbholz, WeWood and WoodWay use renowned Carl Zeiss lenses with 400UV protection, Zylo uses Sola Zeiss lenses with 400UV. Fento glasses contain high-quality polycarbonate lenses with 400UV and Proof glasses come with 100UV lenses that are mostly polarized.

Do wooden glasses have UV protection?

All of the glasses we sell have 400 UV (100%) protection, except for Proof with 100UV protection.

Are lenses in your wooden glasses polarized?

Some glasses are polarized and some not. We specifically state this with all the models that do contain polarized lenses.

Can lenses of wooden glasses be replaced?

Yes, you can replace the lenses of Fento, Kerbolz, WeWood and Proof glasses.

Do you sell prescription glasses?

Yes, we offer many different models by Fento, Kerbholz, Proof, WeWood and Zylo.

Who can change prescription lenses of my glasses?

Every optician can insert the lenses into your wooden prescription frames.

Do wooden glasses need extra protection?

Wooden glasses are already protected so they don't need any extra care. Although it is recommended that you do follow some guidelines while handling your wooden products. This way you can avoid some possible unwanted damages.

For extra protection we advise you to use our Woodway 2 in 1 protection polish, made 100% of beeswax that you can buy here.

Which brands of wooden glasses do you sell?

Alongside with our own Woodway line of glasses, we also sell other world-renowned brands. Colombian brand Fento, German Kerbholz, American Proof, Italian WeWood and the Greek brand Zylo.

Wooden accessories

How long can I expect my wooden accessory to remain perfect?

Wood is known for its durability therefore your wooden accessories can serve you for years.

Can I expose my wooden accessory to water?

Wooden accessories can get wet, although we would recommend you to not keep them in water for too long. They are protected for small amounts of water however long exposure of wood to water can damage the wood.

Does your jewelry contain nickel?

No, none of our jewelry contains nickel.

Do wooden accessories need any extra protection?

Wooden accessories are already protected so they don't need any extra care. Although it is recommended that you do follow some guidelines while handling your wooden products. This way you can avoid some possible unwanted damages. For extra protection we do advise you to use our Woodway 2 in 1 protection polish, made 100% of beeswax that you can buy here.

Which brands of wooden accessories do you sell?

Alongside with our own Woodway accessories line, we also sell designs by other Slovenian designers: TakQsi, Lesem and Kvičke Kvačke. As well as jewelry we also have our own line of wooden bowties in addition to the bowties, cufflinks and wooden tie clips by the pristine Czech brand BeWooden.

Cork products

What is the life span of cork?

Even though cork is surprisingly soft and pleasant to touch it's very easily maintained. We can also call it eco-alternative to leather. Cork is extremely resistant and thanks to its honeycomb structure handles friction and hits better than other materials with harder surfaces.

What are the qualities of cork?

Cork has all the qualities of leather. The only difference is that cork is made from the barks of trees and it is much lighter to carry compared to leather. It is waterproof, non-inflammable, very flexible, resistant, durable, doesn't attract dust and is therefore very suitable for asthmatics.

How to maintain cork products?

Maintaining cork products is really easy as a wet cloth is all you need to clean it. You simply wipe your product with a wet cloth and leave in to naturally dry on air. Cork does not absorb liquids and is therefore really easy to clean.

Can I wash my cork product in the washing machine?

We do not advise you to wash your cork products in the washing machine. A wet cloth will suffice.

Is cork waterproof?

Yes, cork is waterproof. Suberin (complex mixture of fatty acids and hard organic alcohols) is what makes cork water resistant for liquids as well as gas. As a result, cork does not rot or decay, making it one of the best seals.

Is cork breakable?

No. Cork is treated in a way that it has a high level of elasticity. All our cork products are made of top quality cork which is ground and pressed in the production process. Processed this way it gets extremely elastic.

Which brands of cork products can I find in your store?

Woodway brings together three of the best and most renowned cork brands, all coming from Portugal (where the majority of cork in the world is produced). These brands are Artelusa, number one brand in the cork fashion world, Corkor, the brand known for its classic designs and Glam Cork, for all who are young at heart.

Why choose wood?

Why should I choose a wooden accessory?

Our wooden products are way more than just accessories. They are a new approach and a new take on fashion and trends. Our inspiration comes from nature, its colors, materials and its natural diversity. Each wooden product is unique, just as everyone who wears it.

Are wooden accessories fashionable?

Wood is getting more and more recognition every day in the fashion world. Our products will satisfy even the most sophisticated of tastes. Our products are ideal for everyone who wishes to stand out, be something special and wear nature, as we guarantee you to stand out with every step you take. As people's interest for these products grows, we can definitely claim that wooden accessories will soon be must-have pieces for anyone who pays any attention to fashion They are elegant, unique, comfortable to wear and reflect the beauty of nature.

Are your wooden accessories unique?

All of our accessories are unique. They are made from natural materials – wood and cork – which for their texture and always a bit different color, make every watch, pair of glasses, piece of jewelry or a cork bag unique.

Is wood timeless?

Time is what creates patterns in tree barks, providing new shapes and colors to our watches. Wearing our wooden watch will make you realize that this moment is just a tiny bit of time.

Are your products 100% natural?

All of our wooden watches, glasses, jewelry or cork products are 100% natural. We do not use any lacquers, colors or any other chemical compounds that could harm either people, animals or nature.

I bought your wooden product. Does this mean, they had to cut down a tree to make it?

At WoodWay we pick our designers and brands carefully, always keeping sustainability and social responsibility in mind. All the wood that was used for our products comes from controlled harvesting or is waste wood, that would otherwise be thrown away. Some of our brands also express great care for nature – Italian company WeWood for example plants a tree for every product they sell in various naturally endangered parts of the world. Only with that they have already planted more than 300.000 trees.

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